Leisure Club Timeshare - The Way Vacationing Should Be!

  • Wouldn't you like the chance to relax and enjoy your vacation again?
  • Isn't that the whole purpose of a vacation?
  • Imagine not having the stress of months of planning and searching for the best bargains for suitable accommodations during the busiest times of the year.
  • Why not put an end to the madness and discover the way vacation should be!
  • Timeshare makes it affordable to treat yourself and your family to vacations every year from the extraordinary to the exotic!



Unlike renting a pricey hotel room with rates increasing year after year, buying a timeshare property enables you to lock in at today's Rupees and realize a lifetime of dream vacations for as long as you own the vacation property. For about the same amount of money, you might spend on rental fees for hotels or cottages for just a few vacations, far more unique and luxurious accommodations can be owned and deeded.

Rather than spending hundreds of thousands of Rupees on a luxury vacation home, you are able to spend a minute fraction of this sum for the same caliber property by only paying for the time you're actually using.

Furthermore, this same Leisure Club Timeshare can be exchanged for other timeshares in over 90 countries around the world! Owning a timeshare apartment gives you the luxury of vacationing in world-class Resorts with all of the comforts and privacy of your very own vacation home.