Our Commitments

Leisure Hotels is a dominant player in Uttarakhand’s tourism and hotel sector with its portfolio of resorts & luxury camps in the state’s tourist & scenic destinations, offering largest inventory in the state .Leisure Hotels Limited (LHL) was originally incorporated as Private Limited Co. named “Prasad Safari P. Ltd.”

It has ventured in to the hospitality industry in Sept 1989 when the promoters opened the gates of The Naini Retreat, located on the southern lee-ward slopes of the Nainital Hills facing the Naini Lake which was once the residence of the Maharaja of Pilibhit (Prasad Family) and still enjoys the beauty, ambience and grandeur of a palace. The Ayarpatta slopes are virgin territory and are not congested and commercialized.  The flora and fauna of the Kumaon Range is in abundance on this side of the township. Since then Leisure Hotels Ltd has been adding hotels and camps in it portfolio every year either through own hotels or through management and marketing of boutique properties at strategic locations.

Our past associations with The Claridges, Camping in Mahakumbh with Cox & Kings, Club Mahindra (Mahindra Holidays & Resort India Ltd) has given us deep insights of the consumer expectations and evolution in the hospitality industry.

Corporate Social Responsibility
The Group is committed to employing the best environmental and ecological practices in technology, equipment and operational processes. The Group supports philanthropic activities and a keen contributor to the conservation of nature and of cultural heritage.

Eco-tourism has acquired a great significance in the recent times as it has potential to bring about the economic development of the local communities and also protect our natural heritage.  It has been designated as an industry and no industry can survive without protecting and improving upon its own product.  Naturally, we at Leisure Group understand our responsibility towards the rich natural heritage that we market.  In the last couple of years we have established infrastructure that enables us to understand the impact of our activities on the ecosystem around.  Today, we are geared up to tackle the problems and make our activities more eco-friendly. We have realized that unless welfare of the local communities is taken care of, the ecosystem around cannot be at peace and hence we have adopted a number of strategies.

To support the local communities so as to reduce their dependence on the forest:

  • We are proud that our activities at The Corbett Hideaway alone provide livelihood and support to more than 250 families directly or indirectly.
  • Training and capacity building programmes for the local unemployed youth viz. Nature Guide training.
  • Providing an outlet for the marketing of the locally made handicraft.
To conserve Natural Resources:
  • We are working on utilization of non- conventional energy resources that have a direct bearing on the economy of the local community.
  • Controlling weed from invading the natural habitat i.e Lantana Bushes. This also helps conserving precious wood.
  • Recycling of bio-degradable waste and converting it for positive uses.
  • Recycling of liquid waste to stop contamination of natural fresh water bodies.
  • We are promoting Mahasheer conservation in its natural habitat and also trying to enhance avian density which would have a bearing on the overall bio-diversity of the region.
To promote Environmental awareness programmes:
  • Thousands of visitors have benefited from our programmes and interaction with naturalists to make them environmentally conscious and motivated enough to participate in conservation programmes.
  • We support local school groups in environmental education activities.

To support Wildlife Management:

  • We welcome and provide infra-structural facilities for workshops, symposia and conferences related to wildlife conservation.
  • We motivate forest personnel by way of rewards for meritorious services.
  • Provide tactical support in patrolling as and when asked.