Timeshare Exchange Opportunities

  • Buying a Leisure Club Timeshare is an incredible way to travel and see the world! Just because you own a particular resort doesn't mean you have to keep going to the same place over and over again. In fact, one of the greatest benefits of owning a Leisure Club Timeshare is the opportunity to not only visit Leisure Clubs 20 resorts in Uttarakhand but trade the week at your home resort for a vacation at thousands of other world-class resorts in over 80 different countries. It has been said that over 80% of timeshare owners buy with this specific intention. Whether you plan your vacations well in advance or even last minute, a timeshare exchange is a wonderful and unique way to travel and see the world first-class!

Timeshare Ownership - Not Rental!

  • Stop throwing away your money on hotels and rented vacation property! Owning timeshare vacation of Leisure Club property makes good financial sense. Timeshare owners are delighted when they check out at the end of their week's stay because their bill is ZERO! (And zero for the rest of their lives because they OWN their accommodation as deeded property!). The money saved here quickly pays back the low initial purchase price. You can enjoy timeshares for as long as you'd like and if there ever comes a time when your lifestyle changes and you're no longer able to vacation yearly, you can always sell, rent or donate a timeshare, or simply give the week away to family or friends. One of the most appreciated gifts you can give someone is that of a week at a luxurious resort. Imagine being able to tell your parent or children, "I've booked you a week at a fabulous resort at an exotic destination! Go and enjoy, it's on me!" Deeded timeshares can also be willed to loved ones making it possible for generations of your family to enjoy the benefits of timeshare ownership. What a wonderful legacy to leave for your family and future generations!

Best In Uttarakhand

  • Leisure Club timeshare is considered to be the best timeshare Club with 20 resorts/ Hotels in Uttarakhand.

25 years of holidays

  • You get 7 nights every year at any of the 20 resorts for the next 25 years.
  • This means INFLATION-FREE holidays - you're paying for your future holidays at today's prices! The Concept is irresistible.

Services & Facilities Offered

  • Table Tennis, Carom, Chess, Wildlife Movies & Slide Shows, Library & Cigar Lounge, Relaxing massages by trained masseurs at the Spa (at Corbett Hideaway, Haveli Hari Ganga & Naini Retreat) & many more outdoor activities like Rock Climbing, River Crossing, Fishing, Elephants & Jeep Safaris, Nature Walks & Treks, Bird Watching & many more. (Few of the services at our Corbett Property)

Option of Apartments

  • Choose from Studio (4 Adults- privacy for 2), One-Bedroom apartments (4 adults - privacy for 4) or Two-Bedroom (six adults - privacy for 4).

Option for Holiday Seasons

  • Choose from Low Season, Moderate Season Peak Season & Ultra Peak Season according to your own holiday needs.

Exchange priority with RCI

  • By being a premier property of Uttarakhand, a prime destination for foreign tourists, this means that members of Leisure Club will get priority rating with RCI when it comes to exchanging their Leisure Club Holidays for Holiday anywhere else.

In-house exchanges

  • Members at Leisure Club have the option to exchange their week WITHOUT ANY EXCHANGE FEE for a week at our own 20 Resorts/ hotels.

And all this is available for you at a very nominal one time cost. So what are you waiting for just grab this chance before its too late?