Jamoon, Corbett’s Hidden Treasure

Jamun Village, Corbett National Park, Nainital, Uttarakhand 244715
+91 95 5508 8000 | (Reservation Number)
+91 95 5508 8000 | (Hotel Number)

In this constantly progressing world, there are places that still exist which are wild & untouched as a reminder of ageless wonder & beauty. ‘Jamoon, Corbett’s Hidden Treasure’ is situated on the banks of River Ramganga, nestled amidst a deep dense Sal forest, and located at the edge of Corbett Tiger Reserve in the foothills of Himalayas.

It is inspired by local tradition and based on the principle of minimalism. ‘Jamoon, Corbett’s Hidden Treasure’ derives its name from a local evergreen tropical tree – Malabar plum or Jamun (Syzygium Cumini).

It is a pristine & untamed secret treasure of Corbett, waiting to be discovered. 



Situated on the banks of river Ramganga, Nestled in deep dense Sal forest and located at the edge of Corbett Tiger Reserve
10+ Acres of Land for Traversing
True Wilderness Experiences
  • Nature Walks
  • Walking Safaris
  • Remote & Camera Trap Photography
  • Photographic Hides Near Private Waterhole
  • Bird Watching
  • Bonfire Evenings
  • Machaan Experience
  • Mystical Dawn, Dusk & Night Skies
  • Pugmark Casting
  • Nature’s Small Wonders
  • Stargazing & Night Sky Photography
Traditional Accommodation In Swiss Cottage Tents
Relish “Pahadi’ style of Cooking with food cooked on earthen chulhas



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This eco-friendly, yet luxurious lodge nestled amid sal woods and wild blooms is your chance to sit back and enjoy a quieter time. Complementing the verdant setting, there are charming swiss tents for accommodation and rustic patios where you can unwind. Recreational activities are plenty in this retreat - glampers can go on hiking trails, sit by the riverside or watch the starlit skies when dusk descends.


Accommodation in Jamoon, Corbett’s Hidden Treasure is in the form of 5 eco-friendly Swiss Cottages. The Cottage-style thatched-roof tents have a clear view of the expansive forest and grassland. Besides, attached bathrooms with running hot and cold water are provided.

All food served is freshly cooked in the lodge’s kitchen and brings you the local flavours. As special treats, we also organize for jungle-themed meals and barbecues around the bonfire. Relish ‘Pahadi’ style of cooking, with food cooked on traditional earthen chulhas. Experience the concept of Bush dinner with meat and vegetables cooked using Elephant Grass.

The Himalayan mountains become the perfect backdrop for this lodge in the wilderness. Designed with the nature-lovers and free-spirited in mind, this cosy, rustic and stunning lodge in Corbett is the perfect getaway for those who want to reconnect with nature.

Lose yourself amidst the lush greenery and the mystical ambience of one of the most popular national parks in the country. Enjoy a walk in nature or go for a safari to gain a closer perspective on the native flora and fauna, and enhance your stay with The Jamoon, Corbett.

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