Take a leap of faith and wake up at the crack of dawn to embark upon an immersive experience of the holy city at daybreak. The walk unfolds along the ghat as you witness pilgrims perform morning worship, tour temples and shrines, participate in and learn about rituals and ceremonies. Weave through market lanes and back alleys, savouring local flavours. This tour is a definitive must do!

Duration: 3 hours
Timings: 5:30 AM - 8:30 AM
Escorted Tour
Before daybreak, return for breakfast at the hotel

ganga walk dawn


ganga walk 1

This tour is indeed a feast for the senses. Meander through the hustle and bustle of the market, different sounds, aromas and sights! Weave through crowded market lanes and back alleys exploring lesser-known “hidden gems” of Hardwar, ending at a spectacle of sound and colour at the for evening prayer (Aarti) dedicated to the Goddess Ganga.

This is indeed one of the most inspirational and magical moments in India, a time when one is in communion with both God and nature.

Duration: 3 hours
Timings: 3:30 - 6:30 PM
Escorted Tour
Late afternoon till sunset


Haridwar located on the banks of the river Ganga is not the sole reason for its spiritual significance.

The seeds of “shakti” worship were sown here. Many saints & seers came and meditated on these hallowed grounds. On this escorted tour, we embark upon exploration and discovery through a world of myths & legends of these highly energized sacred spaces.

Duration: 4 hours
Timings: 10 AM -2 PM
Escorted tour

Haveli hari ganga sacred trails


seeking shiva haveli hari ganga

Haridwar, the Gateway of the Gods has many seekers, meditating, availing and absorbing the sacred energies of its location. On this tour meet and interact with seekers, learn about their individual journeys, stories and best practices for your soul. The highlight of the tour is feeding of “bikshus” and participation in a personalized “thanksgiving” ceremony for Lord Shiva at a quaint temple in the forest.

Duration: 3 Hours
Timings: 4 PM- 7 PM
Escorted tour by E-rickshaw/Car/Walking


We head to a sacred location on the banks of the mainstream, the Neel Ganga “the Blue Ganga”, before daybreak, to absorb high energies of the rays of the rising sun and nature in its bountiful. Guided by an experienced yoga instructor, spend a few hours in meditation and yoga at this auspicious hour and location.

Timings: 5.30 AM -7.30 AM
Escorted tour

yoga haveli hari ganga


Haveli hari ganga sacred trails 111

Tour for those who would like to absorb Haridwar’ sacred energies, all in a day! Embark upon exploration and discovery of locations associated with “Shakti” worship, and many other saints & seers who meditated on these hallowed grounds.

We stop for lunch at Haveli Hari Ganga located on the Ghats of Ganga river. Resume to the tour post lunch. Meander through the hustle and bustle of the market, different sounds, aromas and sights! Weave through crowded market lanes and back alleys exploring lesser-known “hidden gems” of Haridwar, ending at a spectacle of sound and color at the for evening prayer (Aarti) dedicated to the Goddess Ganga. Stay at the best hotel in Haridwar!

Time: 10 AM - 6 PM (lunch included)
Escorted tour by Car & walking


Visit a Van Gujjar (Forest Nomads) Village. Once a nomadic tribe, who used to migrate between the foothill forests and higher Himalayan pastures, are now restricted to semi-permanent settlements on the periphery of the jungle since the formation of national parks. A visit to the village provides an insight into their daily lives and beautiful architectural skills. We interact with village elders, women and children. We will cook and share a meal with our nomadic hosts and later take a short hike into the jungle accompanied by the village children.

Time: 11 AM -3 PM (4 hours)
Ex Haridwar 4x4 Jeep/walking

Haveli hari ganga sacred trails 222


ghost village haveli hari ganga

Due to the mass migration of the younger generations to the plains, the hill villages of Uttarakhand have become empty and ghostly. This tour is an effort to introduce and involve surviving members and elders in community-based tourism. An hour’s drive through the jungle and hill slopes bring us to the villages of Kimsar and Ramjiwalla located at 4,000ft. which offers a spectacular view of valleys and the snow-capped greater Himalayas beyond. We trek through the village and meet with women & elders.

Learn about their arts and craft, culture, agricultural and water harvesting methods and discuss possibilities of improving sustenance. We join a family for a home-hosted typical Pahari “hill” meal. We also take a short trek to soak in the amazing views and visit a local school, interact with children.

Time: 10am- 5pm (Full day with lunch)
Escorted tour by Car/Walking


A full day excursion, exploring the rural landscape and wilderness areas across the Ganga along the grasslands and jungles of the Himalayan foothills accompanied an expert naturalist. Meet nomads of the forest and learn about their way of life, visit a forest lodge deep in the forest, enjoy a nature walk, observe a variety of birds and if you are lucky you may see herds of chital deer and elephants in the river bed below. A farm fresh meal will be served as you learn about conservation efforts in the area.

Later in the afternoon visit a little known but unique wetland reserve for a jungle safari through the Tehri Marshlands, to get a glimpse of the only surviving swamp deer in Uttarakhand. The habitat is known for 4 other species of deer, over 175species of birds and if you are lucky –a leopard and wild elephants!

Time: 10 AM - 6 PM (Full day with lunch)
4x4 Jeeps (Ex Hardwar)

Haveli hari ganga sacred trails 333