Tourist Spots in Kasauli

Kasauli is filled with breathtaking landscapes and is home to many famous tourist spots that you can visit.

Gilbert Trail

Nestled near Sunset Point in Kasauli, Gilbert Trail is a scenic and lesser-known trekking spot, perfect for nature lovers and bird watchers. This short hike boasts a narrow path, green surroundings, hills as a backdrop and a serene environment, making it a must-visit during a Kasauli trip.


Christ Church

The Christ Church Kasauli, located near the bus stand, was constructed by the British family that established the town of Kasauli. This splendid church, designed in the form of a cross, is surrounded by a grove of chestnut and fir trees. Serving as a place of worship for approximately 30 families, it also attracts a significant number of tourists. Formerly referred to as the Anglican Church, this historical structure continues to be a prominent landmark in Kasauli.

Heritage Market

Tucked away in the tranquil hills of Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh, you'll find the lively and thriving Heritage Market. This delightful market is a haven for shoppers, providing a diverse range of items including food, clothing, accessories, handicrafts and souvenirs


Tibetan Market

Frequently referred to as Kasauli's small Tibet, the Tibetan Market has gained recognition and popularity over time. When visiting Kasauli, exploring this destination is essential for finding trendy and affordable items. Additionally, it serves as an excellent spot to indulge in delicious Tibetan treats such as dim sums, thukpas and chowmein.

Manki Point

Monkey Point is located within the Air Force Station near the Lower Mall area, approximately 4 km (2.5 mi) from the town center. According to the Ramayana, as Lord Hanuman returned from the Himalayas with the "Sanjivani Booty," one of his feet touched the hill, shaping its top like a foot. On clear nights, Monkey Point offers a captivating view of Chandigarh.

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