Activities & Experiences

From challenging hikes to fun picnic lunches by the riverside, there are a host of activities in Kasauli waiting for you.

Sports & Kids Room

Our resort in Kasauli offers charming collection that combines lively decor with functional furnishings, perfect for creating a cosy and inspiring space for your children. Dive into our range to build a whimsical world that encourages creativity and imagination. For our young visitors, we offer a variety of fun activities, such as a cricket practice pitch and basketball courts, guaranteeing an energetic and enjoyable experience throughout their stay.

Recreational Area

Forest Walks

Explore the charm of Kasauli through forest walks and hiking trails that weave through verdant landscapes, offering a harmonious mix of peace and excitement. Delight in the refreshing experience of being surrounded by nature's splendour. Set out on a restorative walk close to the captivating forest, enveloping yourself in a world of lush foliage and the calming sounds of nature. Uncover the wonders of the surrounding wilderness, providing a tranquil getaway right at the edge of the forest's welcoming arms.

Live Bar-be-cue every weekend (with Live band)

Enjoy the perfect weekend atmosphere at our Live Barbecue event, enhanced by the energetic melodies of a live band (seasonal). Dive into a gastronomic adventure where delicious barbecue delights blend seamlessly with a vibrant setting. The combination of mouth-watering grills and lively music offers a unique experience, infusing your weekend with joy and flavour. Whether you're looking to unwind or celebrate, our event provides the perfect mix of culinary excellence and festive vibes, ensuring each weekend at our venue becomes a cherished memory.

Outdoor Bonfire
a wide view of cottages with a  dense fog covering a hill seen in the distance - Baikunth Resort, Kasauli

Village Tours & Picnic

Set off on a delightful tour of a village near Kasauli, immersing yourself in the local culture and scenic beauty. Experience the genuine charm of village life and enhance your journey with tasty local snacks. Indulge in the tranquility of nature during our picnic lunches by the river, where stunning views and delicious food come together to create a perfect balance of natural splendor and culinary enjoyment.