Spirituality and Uttarakhand

Spirituality has a ubiquitous bearing on the existence of humanity. It deals with matters of spirit or soul and thus, counterpoints anything which is tinged by earthly sensuality. Spiritual involvements are seen as ways to redeem one's own self from the petty ephemera of life to loftier heights of perpetual truth. Spiritual connections engage the mind to comprehend life as a more composite creation with regards to cosmic bondage. Spiritual practices also refer to affairs of sanity and personal integrity.

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The meaning of spirituality, is related to perceiving the meaning of life, addressing the values of human nature, appreciating the transcendent nature of life, connecting the soul with the Omnipotent and becoming a better human being. India, being a holy land of saints and hermits, has been harboring deep spiritual philosophies from ancient times. Spirituality is firmly rooted in the Indian culture and heritage and has significant connotations in a number of religious practices.

Spiritual Programs

Our Spiritual Tours give you the time to relax and meditate at your own pace whilst enjoying the serene quality of the world's largest and most spiritual mountain range, 'The Himalayas' in India. Our Spiritual programs are especially designed for people who want to experience The Himalaya's rich spiritual history and have an experience of a lifetime. Each day on your itinerary, we will make an effort to show you the different facets of spirituality that is an integral part of human life in this part of the world.

Individual & Family Programs
Our Individual & Family program includes customized itinerary and program exclusively made as per the independent spiritual needs.

Corporate Programs
Spirituality at work is an accepted way of improving the work culture; achieve motivation and positivism, work ethics and purpose. We can organize corporate programs in any of our properties, and customize it to the spiritual needs of your organization. The spiritual leaders on our panel will ensure that once you come out of the program, you and your team has achieved some of the primary goals of Spirituality.

Spiritual Conferences
The great locations of our various properties in the forest or along the Ganges, in the hills or the plains, offer a complete and comprehensive solution to conduct your spiritual conferences. On making prior bookings, the ambience, food and theme can be customized as per your specific requirements. Art of Living has been a very regular visitor to our property, The Naini Retreat, and has been conducting their programs every year.

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