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The Spa


With the world's strengthening belief in Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of de-stressing and revitalizing oneself, the spa at our properties are the perfect places to unwind. Step in and you will discover total peace of mind through lifestyle-oriented, holistic therapy.

Authentic Ayurvedic therapies like shirodhara and abhyangam, yoga and meditation bring about a total harmony of the mind, body and soul and transport you to the world of the inner self. They revive psychic energies and show the way to a healthier life.

The spa and wellness treatments are oriented to soothe your spirits, using a range of holistic therapies and massages in the midst of exquisitely green surroundings. Our trained and expert therapists bring to you the very best of therapeutic treatments, effectively combining Oriental and Western practices.


Yoga balances the body, mind and spirit and ensures complete well being. In our modern, stress-filled world, daily practice of yoga is beneficial in itself, leading to improved health, emotional well-being and mental clarity. Please check with the resort for daily Yoga classes.


Meditation techniques such as Pranayama, which help calm the mind, balance the energy in the body and achieve a state of control, are actively prescribed and propagated at all our properties.