Places of Tourist Interest near Nainital

A beautiful hill station set amidst the alluring valleys of the Himalayas, Nainital takes you by surprise with its sparkling lakes, lush green landscape, and chirpy wildlife. This lake district, surrounded by a close string of lakes, offers some outstanding panoramic views, worth remembering for life! The interesting mythology associated with the place, in combination with some of the most amazing tourist spots, makes holidays in Nainital a truly memorable experience. A tour of Nainital can never be complete without discovering some of the renowned places mentioned below:

Bhowali: Located 11km from Nainital, this is a major health resort known for its Himalayan views.

Ramgarh:Situated 25km from Nainital, Ramgarh is known for a variety of Himalayan fruits and for the spectacular view of the Himalayan ranges.

Mukteshwar:Lying 52km from Nainital, this is a beautiful Himalayan resort. It provides a majestic view of the Himalayas.

Sattal: Located 25 kms from Nainital, it is a complex of seven interconnected lakes and forms the most picturesque resort in the Kumaon hill region.

Bhimtal:Situated about 22 kms from Nainital, this town is situated around a huge lake, larger than the Naini Lake.

Naukuchia Tal: 18km from Nainital, it is a lake with nine corners. The lake is ideal for fishing and watching migratory birds.

Khurpa Tal:This lake is a real paradise for anglers. The surrounding virgin forests also serve as a great place for day picnics. It’s only a short distance by car.

Zoo: The High Altitude Zoo as the name suggests has many rare high altitude animals in captivity, these include the magnificent Siberian Tiger and the Eagle Owl. The Zoo is an invigorating walk of a kilometre and a half from the Mall road.

Nainital presents a brilliant façade of scenic beauty and natural resources. No wonder, the Nainital Tourism department proclaims it as “a gem in perfect setting.”

Corbett Village Heritage Trail & Corbett Falls: 35 Kms from Nainital at Choti haldwani and its residents are vividly described in the book written by Jim Corbett called “My India”. The trail takes you along the Bour River through the Choti Haldwani village in Kaladhungi, which was settled by Jim Corbett. The trail offers glimpses into the typical kumauni village culture and also provides bird watching opportunities. The trail ends with a visit to Jim Corbett’s home. Today this unique home, is a comprehensive museum housing souvenirs, relics, momentos related to Jim Corbett and his famous exploits.

Along the trail one can see the boundary wall which was constructed by Jim Corbett to protect crops from the wildlife. There is also the house which Jim Corbett built for his associate Moti. One can see a gun gifted to a village man Sher Singh by Jim Corbett.

Nearby is Corbett Falls which is worth visiting and you can relax with the sound of water and chirping birds