Places of Tourist Interest Kashipur

One of the dark horses of Himalayan tourism, Kashipur welcomes you to behold the ruins of ancient cities, visit some of the ancient temples, and lose yourself amidst the beautiful surroundings! Tourism in Himalaya has always something exciting on offer for tourists who desire to enlighten themselves with the history of these wonderful spots. Kashipur is no exception as the history of the city goes as far back to the realm of Harsha (606-607 AD) when Xuanzang visited this region. The ruins of ancient settlement can be explored during the tour to Himalayas, through the city of Kashipur.

The sights and sounds of Kashipur present a unique mix of natural beauty, religious and cultural fervor, and modernity. One of the best known fairs of Kashipur is the Chaiti Mela, which attracts lakhs of pilgrims during the month of March during 'Navratras'. In autumn (after monsoon) one can see the snow clad peaks of Trishul and its beautiful surroundings.

Besides, Kashipur has emerged as an important industrial township within a span of few years. The building of the new Collectorate is another spectacle to watch out for. Situated on the Rudrapur Haldwani road, the new Collectorate is one of the biggest structures in the state of Uttarakhand. So come and discover some of the hidden beauties on your tour to Himalayas to spend a memorable vacation amidst the natural surrounding of Kashipur.

Chaiti Temple
At a distance of 2.5 kms from Kashipur bus stand on the Kashipur-Bajpur route, is situated the widely known temple of Chaiti Devi. Every year in the month of March during 'Navratras', a grand fair is held where lakhs of pilgrims come from various places to worship the Goddess.

Atariya Temple
According to a folktale, when king Rudra was passing through, his chariot got stuck into the marshy land. So he decided to build a temple and a well at that place. The present Atariya temple refers to the same and is located at a distance of 2 kms from the bus stand and half a kilometer away from the Rudraur-Haldwani motor route.

Giri Sarovar
This enchanting lake is situated at a distance of 2 kms from Kashipur bus stand on the Kashipur-Ramnagar route and is an ideal picnic spot. A tourist rest house and many private hotels are available for night stay.

Govishan Fort
This ancient fort belongs to the period of Harsha and is now in ruins. The spot is ideal for archaeologists and enthusiasts to come closer to the lives of the people of the 7th century.

Other Ancient Temples
There are about 65 temples located in and around Kashipur. Other than the Chaiti Temple and the Atariya Temple, Mansadevi Temple, Moteshwar Mahadev, and Nagnath Temple are worth-watching. The Garija Devi Temple is located at about 14 km from Ramnagar towards Ranikhet.

Wildlife and Adventure
The Corbett National Park offers a delightful escapade for tourists. Kaladhungi, about 31 kms from Ramnagar, houses the Jim Corbett Museum. About 6 kms from the place is the Tumaria Dam, where migratory birds flock in huge numbers during winters.

Picnic Spots
Drona Sagar and Haripura are well-known tourist spots. The latter is also linked with the Mahabharata.