Leisure Hotels Group is an experiential resort chain that offers premium accommodations, home-cooked-style cuisine, and unforgettable in-resort & destination experiences. Renowned for old-fashioned, award-winning service, the group places customer delight at its core. The diverse portfolio features smart business hotels, boutique resorts, bespoke villas, and sociotels, each providing a unique blend of leisure, adventure, wilderness, wellness, and spiritual experiences.
Each property promises a unique and memorable stay.

Boutique Resorts

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The Riverview Retreat uuh61e
Aloha on the Ganges cracdv

These boutique resorts are iconic properties offering extraordinary stays in highly sought-after destinations, offering luxurious accommodations, elegant services, culinary expertise, and immersive experiences.
They are strategically located in prime neighborhoods, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the local culture and attractions. These flagship properties are designed to cater to experiential travelers who seek unique and memorable stays.

Each resort boasts bespoke and uniquely designed accommodations that blend luxury with the distinct character of its location.

In addition to their prime locations and luxurious amenities, the boutique resorts emphasize sustainability and local engagement. By incorporating regional elements into the design, cuisine, and experiences, these resorts offer guests an authentic and enriching stay.

This focus on local culture and sustainability not only enhances the guest experience but also supports the surrounding communities and environment.

Smart Business Hotels

Manor Kashipur yltcpk
Manor Bareilly djqxa5

Catering specifically to the needs of business travelers and professionals, The Manor brand offer seamless, sophisticated, and reliable accommodations designed to enhance productivity and facilitate success.

Bedzzz | Bedzzz Xclusiv

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Bedzzz is offering diverse accommodation options tailored for young-at-heart, budget-conscious travellers who refuse to compromise on quality. Bedzzz offers modern, vibrant, and economical stays that ensure comfort and convenience while connecting youth-minded travellers with interesting, local, and buzzing locales.

By offering affordable accommodation and social spaces, Bedzzz properties refresh & appeal to the evolved traveller.

The design incorporates mixed-use open and covered spaces to promote the ‘Stay, Play & Vacay’ concept, encouraging guests to enjoy a seamless blend of relaxation and adventure..

The Bungalows | Villas

Designed for discerning travellers seeking privacy and personalized experiences, villas redefine hospitality. Nestled in breathtaking locations and boasting premium amenities such as pools, gardens, and personalized services, these villas offer a sanctuary where every moment is steeped in comfort and tranquillity.