About Goa

The subtle Indo Portuguese fusion that is reflected in the Goan landscape, culture and society is undeniably a consequence of Goa's chequered history. From the fourth century AD, Goa was ruled by a succession of Hindu dynasties, including the Kadambs, whose rule spanning two and a half centuries is regarded as the Golden age in Goa’s history. 

The Lighthouse Aguada Goa Goa Dona Paula Goa
The Lighthouse Aguada Goa Goa Goa Cathedral

Muslim influences percolated into the society when the region came under the Bahmani Sultans and subsequently the Adil Shahis of Bijapur. With Afonso de Albuquerque's arrival, the Portuguese came into the picture in 1510 with the intent to colonize and seize control of the spice trade from other European powers. Goa soon became the jewel in Portugal’s crown and until as recently as 1961 was a Portuguese territory.


The Lighthouse Aguada Goa Goa Candolim Beach

Candolim Beach

Candolim beach in Goa is a peaceful beach which is located quite close to the Aguada Beach. This beach is known for its tranquil environment. One can find the best seafood in Goa here.

The Lighthouse Aguada Goa Goa Calangute Beach

Calangute Beach

Popularly known as “Queen of the Beaches,” Calangute Beach is popular among hippies. This beach is a true haven for locals and tourists as this beach is a true replica of Goan beach culture.

The Lighthouse Aguada Goa Goa Fort Aguada

Aguada Fort

Aguada Fort is the best-preserved Portuguese bastion in Goa and was built to control the entry into the river Mandovi and to protect Old Goa from potential enemy attacks.

The Lighthouse Aguada Goa Goa Basilica of Bom Jesus Goa

Basilica of Bom Jesus

Located in Old Goa, India, the Basilica of Bom Jesus is considered to be one of the best examples of Baroque architecture in Goa. The church is called Bom Jesus meaning ‘good Jesus’ or ‘infant Jesus’ to whom it is dedicated. 

The Lighthouse Aguada Goa Goa Fontainhas


Fontainhas is the heritage quarter of the capital city of Panaji, lying along the banks of the ancient Ourem creek. Fontainhas in Panaji has been declared a cultural quarter showcasing the life, architecture and culture of Goa. 

The Lighthouse Aguada Goa Goa Floating casino

Casino Royale

Casino Royale is a live floating casino located in Panaji in Goa. Enjoy live music performances and relish your food at multi-cuisine restaurants.