Adventurous Holiday with Loved Ones

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Enjoying the wilderness and the outdoors, viewing the snowcapped mountains at close range, mingling with the simple mountain folk in their villages – all these are experiences that many dream of but cannot do. As it would involve many days of trekking to get to these destinations and camping in not so comfortable conditions, soft adventure travel programs are specially designed to suit personal needs and requirements.

Not very physically challenging, you get to enjoy your travel to mountain and countryside, view wildlife while staying in rustic lodges and Swiss style cottage tents with a variety of culinary options. Nature walks through the villages and forest paths while spending the staying the nights in cozy accommodations is now possible for the traveller interested in experiencing adventure travel beyond the typical trekking itinerary.

Travel creates lifetime memories for families. It’s also a wonderful way for all the generations to connect and share good times: grandparents, parents, and children; friends and relatives. Leisure Hotels has been providing quality holiday to the families in its various resorts and camps across Uttarakhand since its inception.

Our family adventure programs are customized for each family depending upon the age group of the children & elderly, their physical fitness and willingness to undertake a particular kind of activity. The moderate to mild adventure activities for families are a combination of trekking & hiking, rafting & kayaking, wildlife safari including elephant rides & angling, rock climbing & rappelling and many more.