Adventure Activities in Corbett

River Rafting

River Rafting at The River View Retreat - Corbett Resort Corbett

River rafting on the Kosi river is an exciting experience that is sure to leave you with unforgettable memories. Ride the waves, get splashed, and enjoy the thrill of the river as you raft along! This activity is subject to permission from the forest authorities, and is only organised during the monsoons in Corbett.

The challenge of the turbulent rivers is no less than that of the rugged mountains. The icy heights of the Himalayas are the source of some of India's mighty rivers. Fed by innumerable streams snaking through the mountainside, they race along tortuous boulder strewn beds, cutting deep gorges and breaking into silvery white rapids.

With the intricate network of mountain rivers flowing through a myriad of different colours of rocky gorges, forests, flowers and high mountain villages, the Garhwal and Kumaon hills provide ideal locales for the perfect water adventure.

White water river rafting in Rishikesh calls for a triumph over the swift swirling River Ganges as it gushes past spectacular mountains. It is practiced mainly in the upper reaches where the water is seemingly white as it froths and foams, crashing against narrow gorges, rocky outcrops and falls at deep gradients.

We offer you the complete white water rafting experience, with trips ranging from a few hours to a few days expedition to explore the Himalayan Rivers of Uttarakhand. Short day trips are organized with the best deluxe tented accommodation on The Ganges. Multi-day expeditions move down the river with all the required equipment loaded onto the rafts and different camps are pitched every evening. We also offer perfectly blended rafting-cum-trekking day trips for those who don’t want to miss out on the local culture and people. We customize trips to suit your special interests and time schedules.

River Rafting Rishikesh Itinerary:
  • Rafting in The Ganges at Rishikesh
  • The Alaknanda River Rafting Expeditions
  • The Kali / Sarda River Rafting Expedition

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Rock Climbing and Rappelling

Rock Climbing at The River View Retreat - Corbett Resort Corbett

If you're looking to overcome your fear of heights in the most adrenaline-pumping way possible, rock-climbing and rappelling is the activity for you!

You will be taught to climb rocks and assisted by ropes and carabiners, and also taught abseiling or rappelling, which refers to the controlled descent off a vertical drop. 

River Crossing and Traversing

River crossing/traversing is one of the standouts amongst the adventure activities on offer. Ropes are tied from one end of the river to the other and it is crossed one way by hanging on to the rope and pushing yourself forward. To make your way back, you will have to stand on the rope and walk while holding onto the other rope for support. It is an exciting activity that is a favourite amongst kids and grown-ups alike!

River Crossing at The River View Retreat - Corbett Resort Corbett


Cycling Rock at The River View Retreat - Corbett Resort Corbett

If cycling is an activity that you love indulging in, you're in for a treat during your visit to Corbett. For this activity, an experienced guide will accompany you and show you the sights around the place in the Sitavani Reserve Forest area. Carry your backpack with essentials along and pedal your worries away!

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