The Kosi's Deck - A Unique Restaurant In Corbett

Our endeavour is bringing our guests closer to Nature at The Riverview Retreat. The Kosi Deck, our unique eatery allows us to offer you an experience to try delectable creations prepared by our Chefs alongside the sounds and sights of the river by your side and the forest just across.

It is paralleled by none.

Gurney House Deck by the river Kosi
Kosi Deck
Gurney House by the river Kosi 1

The Kosi comprises a crucial part of the Corbett Ecosystem. It is the primary source of water for the flora and fauna of the region. The river is also called Saptakoshi. Kosi courses through Tibet, Nepal and India traversing a journey of 730 kms.

The Kosi Deck, inspired by native European Street food and Bistro concepts. The restaurant combines traditional Indian cuisine with other exotic International flavours. Enjoy a sip of your favourite summer cooler, or take a bite from our comfort food menu with the harmony of surrounding forest.