About Nainital

Nainital is located in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, at an elevation of roughly 2,000m. Formerly a British hill station, this beautiful Himalayan city set around Nainital Lake is a popular boating site with Naina Devi Temple on its north shore. Tourists from all over the world enjoy shopping in Bara Bazaar & a cable car ride to see the crisscross mountains. Other tourist attractions in Nainital are Tiffin Top, Naini Peak, and Snow View point. Gurney House was the residence of hunter conservationist and writer Jim Corbett. It was built in 1881 & is located near Nainital Lake.


Pangot Panorama Nainital

Pangot, located about 15 kilometers from Nainital is a popular hill station & famous for migratory birds. The drive passes through the forested area of Cheena Peak Range via Snow View Point and Kilbury, which is an excellent birding spot. Walking into Pangot is like stepping into a remote Himalayan village, around 580 bird species have been found in this area.


Mukteshwar is a popular tourist destination located about 50 kilometres from Nainital. This place has some of the most brilliant panoramic views of Himalayas and is well known for its spectacular sunsets.

mukteshwar Nainital


almora Nainital

Almora, situated 62 kilometres from Nainital is famous for its magnificent picturesque landscapes, panoramic view of the Himalayas, rich cultural heritage, exquisite wildlife, unique handicrafts and delicious cuisine. It is surrounded by Pithoragarh to the east, Garhwal to the west, Bageshwar to the north and Nainital to the south.


Ranikhet, situated 56 kilometres from Nainital is a hill station in Almora District of Uttarakhand state. The famous Kumaon Regimental Center is headquartered at Ranikhet. Besides its unspoilt character, Ranikhet also affords spectacular views of the snowcapped Himalayan range.

ranikhet Nainital


bhimtal Nainital

Bhimtal is situated at a distance of 20 kilometres from Nainital. Bhimtal is famous for the Bhimtal Lake which has a small island at its centre. Bhimtal is an ancient place named after the legendary Bhima of Mahabharata; Bhima visited the place during the exile period of pandavas.

Kainchi Dham

Nestled in the serene Kumaon mountains, Kainchi Dham is a renowned Hanuman temple and ashram founded by Neem Karoli Baba in the 1960s. Embraced by lush forests, flowing rivers, and towering peaks, it's a haven for seekers of peace and spirituality. The ashram, named for its scissor-like location between hills, is revered as the sacred abode of Lord Hanuman and Neem Karoli Baba, who attained samadhi in 1973.  Kainchi Dham is conveniently located just a 45-minute drive from the hotel.

Kainchi Dham