Discover Destination Nainital

A gem in perfect setting, the Nainital hill station promises an alluring experience where the beauty of nature weaves a mysterious fantasy. One can catch the sunrise at Tiffin Top, an early morning jog on Thandi Sadak, an afternoon walk to China Peak, the sun setting over the snow clad Himalayas seen from Kilbury, a passing leopard at Pangot, a ride in a yacht skimming across the surface of Naini Lake when the clouds come rolling in over the lake, or a round of golf at the unique links style natural golf course at the Raj Bhawan, over a weekend trip . Nainital unravels in layers and is best seen in no hurry.The lure of Nainital is mysterious and some of the major attractions of Nainital are listed below:

Highest Sailing Club in the world: Nainital boasts of having the highest sailing club in the world. The Boat House Club conducts yacht races or “regatta” (as it is more popularly known) every year in June & October. Tourists can also go on joy rides at nominal charges.

Naina / China Peak: A two & a half hrs walk at 2610m. It is the highest point in Nainital. One can either trek or go on horse back.

Snow View Point – A cable car ride runs from Mallital to Snow View Point (2270 m). This point offers a panoramic view of the entire Himalayan range (The ropeway is open from 0930 – 1300 hrs & 1400 – 1700 hrs).

Dorothy Seat / Tiffin Top: At 2292 m, the point sits atop the hill with a scenic trail that is somewhat exhausting, approximately 4 km from the lake.

Land's End: At 2100 m, this mountain road ends at a point where one gets a magnificent view of the plains and the beautiful Khurpa Tal Lake, which is surrounded by a beautiful village and pine forests. One can also view the magnificent sunset from this point. Normally travelers go on horse back as the trail is fairly flat.

Hanuman Garh: This group of temples offers a spiritual insight into Nainital. A short car ride takes one to Hanuman Garh, which as the name suggests, is a spiritual abode dedicated to ‘Hanumanji’ or the ‘Monkey God’.

Observatory: This state observatory is approximately 6 kms from Nainital. One has to get prior appointment before one wants to visit this place for star gazing.

Zoo: This high altitude zoo houses a large variety of species of animals and birds that are normally native to high altitude areas. The most popular attractions are a pair of Siberian Tigers (closed on Monday).

Naini Temple: It is believed that this ancient temple was built in the 15th century. Till today, hundreds of Kumaonis visit the shrine for their daily spiritual fix.

Caves Garden & Musical Fountain: This is the latest addition in the list of numerous tourism spots in Nainital. It is located in Sukha Tal, around one km from Mallital. The resort arranges for trips to the Cave Garden every evening for a nominal charge.

Kilbury: Kilbury is an ideal picnic spot for viewing sunsets, and is really very popular with tourists. The distance of about 12 kms on a motorable road can be covered by car.

Raj Bhawan: The foundation of the Nainital Raj Bhawan, modelled after Buckingham Palace, was laid on April 27, 1897 and was completed in March 1900. The architecture of this Government House has been professionally described as of "the early domestic gothic style". The building stands upon a plateau and the combined effect of its environs, the vividly green lawn, grey stone steps and well-ground old deodar trees reminisces the English countryside.

St. John's Church: The church of St. John in the Wilderness was established in 1844 and is located on the north end of town (Mallital), about half a mile north-west of the Naina Devi temple. The church was so named by Daniel Wilson, the Bishop of Calcutta. A brass plaque on the altar is inscribed with names of the victims of the Landslip of 1880.

Kainchi Dham: Nestled in the serene Kumaon mountains, Kainchi Dham is a renowned Hanuman temple and ashram founded by Neem Karoli Baba in the 1960s. Embraced by lush forests, flowing rivers, and towering peaks, it's a haven for seekers of peace and spirituality. The ashram, named for its scissor-like location between hills, is revered as the sacred abode of Lord Hanuman and Neem Karoli Baba, who attained samadhi in 1973.  Kainchi Dham is conveniently located just a 45-minute drive from the hotel.