The Ideal Place to Vacation for Fauna Lovers

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The lover of animals find ultimate solace at the sight of wilderness. The calm blue skies and thick forestry is known to bring serenity in the mind and body of the traveler. For an experience of this regard, one must visit Jim Corbett National Park! The Safari Park in Corbett is the earliest and most respected national park in the country.

Have a unique encounter with diverse species in their original habitat. The appealing visuals of lush greenery and a number of free animals grazing around is bound to fill your heart with gratitude.

This sanctuary is ideal for the nature lover in you.Elephant Safari in Corbettoffers you an exotic exhibit of the mystifying forests and its occupants.Meet the elephants and observe them up-close and personal. Take a ride on the trained elephants and explore the mammoth expanse of these forests. Bird watching is another interesting activity you may want to indulge in.So keep your binocular handy to catch a glimpse of some of the most beautiful birds in the vicinity! The adventurous journey to this wildlife reserve reveals the richness of India's wildlife.

The Riverview Retreat, The Jamoon and The Bungalows River's Edge bear witness to the glory of the Safari Park Corbett. These hotels are perfect for a calm and cosy stay in the lap of Corbett National Park. The gorgeous landscapes and awe-inspiring natural life here attract major tourism. Enjoy the flavors of Corbett while you stay here and visit all five major zones. Go on a breathtaking jeep safari and have an insider's view of the life of these wild and beautiful animals!