Of Shopping and Surma in Bareilly

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Bareilly has established itself as a shopper's paradise with numerous references in popular culture. Be it the mention of thejhumka Bareilly wala or the surma Bareilly wala, the city has captured the imagination of the population with its wide variety of products.

The city is known to have been part of the mythical Panchal kingdom where Princess Draupadi was born. If a pilgrimage is on your mind, Bareilly is also known as Nath Nagri has four Shiva temples in four corners of the region (Dhopeshwar Nath, Madni Nath, Alakha Nath and Trivati Nath)

A visit to this city is incomplete without scouting its colourful markets and various eating options. When visiting this city, one of the Best Hotels in Bareilly is The Manor Bareilly by Leisure Hotels. A stay at this Bareilly hotel guarantees you the best experience of the city.

The Manor Bareilly not only gives you the option to go out and about the various shopping destinations in Bareilly but allows you to soak in the cultural amalgamation that the city is. With a mix of Brij, Awadhi, Pahaari and Haryanvi cultures, the city comes alive with the nuances each culture brings with it. The cultural mix heavily influences the city's cuisine as well as the art scenario which is thriving.

The hotels in Bareilly such asThe Manor Bareilly also help their guests with planning a trip in and around the city. Guests can see the historical, geographical and cultural aspect of the city. One can enrich their vacation with a visit to the various temples, churches, gurudwaras and mosques that the city is famous for.