A Healing Retreat in the Corbett Resort

To breathe in the fresh unadulterated air, soak in the sunshine falling through the canopies - it is a heavenly experience of its own. Such divine moments can only be experienced in the nest of nature at the Corbett National Park. A paradise for wildlife lovers, this dreamscape of grasslands and thick forests with trickles of water houses some of the most exotic species of flora and fauna. Rare species of exciting animals such as the majestic tigers, giant elephants, a fluttering flock of birds and mighty trees of mango, peepal, sal are what make the Corbett Reserve such a euphoric destination. Visit this haven of natural goodness in  Corbett National Park for an unforgettable bonding time with nature and its allies.

A vacation within the picturesque green scenery is bound to be a soothing retreat. And nothing aids you better in this mission than our very own Corbett Resort - The River View Retreat. This heavenly Corbett Resort has 90 impressive rooms, all of which are spacious and delicately decorated. With each of them bathed in sunlight and huddled in the green blanket, you are bound to feel closer to nature than never. Enjoy a solo inquisitive time or create some unforgettable family memories in the wilderness of nature with a touch of modernity during your Corbett stay at the River View Retreat. The hotel boasts lush green one of the largest riverfront lawns in the region and accommodation in cottages.

Exterior View of The River View Retreat - Corbett Resort Corbett
The Riverview Retreat, Corbett Corbett Garden area

Sometimes, we have to work away from work. Or perhaps it’s an occasion that calls for a celebration. Either way, we, at the River View Retreat - Corbett Resort, have you covered up. Our conference halls are not just expansive but are also elaborate in their facilities. Accommodating up to 350 guests, these halls at our Corbett resort are air-conditioned, finely furnished and are perfect in every way to host a spectacular event.

We all deserve a healing time at some point in our lives; a wonderful chance at this is given by the Corbett Reserve. This holiday season, take a deep breath, fill your eyes with green expanse and get sunkissed; and experience the best modern comfort at the finest Corbett Resort - The River View Retreat. Get relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated during your stay in Corbett.

Lawns and Garddens at The River View Retreat - Corbett Resort Corbett
Private Villas at The River View Retreat - Corbett Resort Corbett