An Unmatched Holiday Experience at Leisure Hotels

Leisure Hotels  Adventure at The Bungalow River s Edge Corbett 3


Uttarakhand has all the ingredients for a holiday, packed with excitement and thrill.

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Ganga Lahari Haridwar Haridwar Holy Man India


Revered as the ‘abode of gods’ due to the presence of ancient temples, Uttarakhand offers the right blend of spiritualism and simplicity.

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Leisure Hotels  Safari The Bungalows Corbett 1

Wildlife Safari

Leisure Hotels invites you to experience the unparalleled beauty of the forests of Uttarakhand.

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Leisure Hotels  yoga 9 aloha on the ganges resort and hotel rishikesh


Perceiving the meaning of life and appreciating its transcendent nature.

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Leisure Hotels  Naini Lake Leisure Hotels


Centered around Lake Naini, Nainital, named after the lake is a flourishing little town that enjoys the celebrated status of being a "hill station". 

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