Experiences at The Riverview Retreat, Corbett

The Himalayan Drive

We drive through the buffer zone of the Corbett National Park for about 30 km (one way). This zone offers you a variety of scenic beauty that consists of thick forests of Sal, Teak trees and abundant wildlife. Our resort in Corbett is at an elevation of 1,700 ft. and the drive on the top of the hill creates an altitude of roughly 5,000 ft.

On a clear day, the high hills of the Himalayas including Nanda Devi at over 7,000 meters make for a picturesque view. On this drive, you can enjoy the peaceful morning and the rich wildlife of Corbett.

the himalayan drive. the riverview retreat corbett resorts
Kosi River the riverview retreat corbett resort

The Village Visit

The drive takes you to a little village by the river Kosi, tucked away in the jungles of the Kumaon region. The Village is very beautiful as it is surrounded by the mountains on three sides with the Kosi River flowing on the fourth side.

According to inhabitants, the history of this hamlet dates back to over 500 years when this little settlement was perched on top of a ridge. As time went by, the villagers moved to the present location that is closer to the river and it is estimated that the present village has also been in existence for over 200 years.


Ramganga On the Rocks

We drive through the buffer zone of the Corbett National Park for about 25 km (one way). The drive takes you to a village renowned for being Jim Corbett's favourite fishing site and is brimming with aquatic life such as Mahasheer, freshwater otters and Marsh Crocodiles to name a few.

We then proceed to walk by the river and spend time by the beautiful surroundings of the Ramganga enjoying a light snack by the river. During the winter months, there is a good chance of spotting a Crocodile basking in the sun alongside some deep water pools. We also offer a 45 minutes trek through the thick Jungles for the adventure enthusiasts.

A Village the riverview retreat corbett resort