Safari at The Forrest, Rajaji National Park

While staying at Forrest Rajaji National Park Resort, explore the bio-reserves of the Shivalik ecosystem and get acquainted with the contrasts and colours of nature while touring the forest. Meet the dwellers of the forest or walk along the trails and catch a glimpse of the beautiful creatures of the wild.

Trek the 34-km long safari trail through undulating forest tracks, hilly terrains, lush green valleys, river beds, dense forests, sprawling grasslands and many never-before-seen greenery and vegetation.

Jeep Safari in Rajaji National Park is conducted in the following zones:

  1. Chila Range
  2. Motichur Range
Park Safari Timing

The park normally opens at 6:00 am and is open till about 11:00 am in the morning. However, tourists who have booked a full day safari spend time from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm at any of the rest houses. In the afternoon, the park timings usually are from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm. Depending on the season, the timings change locally, which is notified by the respective forest authorities.

Choosing The Seasons

  • Winter (September - March) Days are clear and pleasant, Nights get cold. Great time for bird-watching and wildlife sighting.
  • Summer (April to June) Hot days with pleasant nights. Ideal time for sighting animals, especially elephants.
  • Monsoon (July - August) Humid days and nights. Great time for walks and trekking. Because of less crowd rush and high probability of sighting animals. Good for observing flora.
Booking Procedure

All the safaris are booked by the Forest Department and it is completely at the discretion of the forest department.