The Yoga Capital: Rishikesh

The Bungalow River Front, Rishikesh Rishikesh Yoga Bungalows River Front Rishikesh The Bungalows

Rishikesh, also called the yoga capital is a holy city in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. The city sits along the banks of River Ganges and is considered one of the major pilgrimage sites from ancient times. But much of Rishikesh's recent repute has arisen from its status as the ultimate destination for yoga and meditation. The city is flocked by tourists and peace seekers from all over the world.

Along with its spirituality, Rishikesh is abound in natural beauty. It lies in the shade of the Himalayas and the location has encouraged adventure tourism in the region and many such arenas are operating around the city. Ayurvedic herbal spa therapy is another thing that pulls tourists to Rishikesh.

All in all, Rishikesh represents a holiday filled with peace, spiritual sensations and a calm repose where the daring can also find something of interest.