About Naturoville Wellness Retreat, Rishikesh

Providing ancient, yet natural cure as a solution to fix your lifestyle disorders, Naturoville is your ideal choice to have a blissfully authentic ayurvedic, yogic, and meditative experience. While it offers all forms of traditional therapies and modern treatments to its guests, the Wellness Retreat doesn't just heal existing disorders but also provides a harmonious routine of life. A perfect retreat in itself, it provides complete relaxation from the stress and anxiety that comes with day-to-day life.

Situated snugly in the lap of the ethereal looking Himalayas, Naturoville offers the benefit of ancient healing sciences that purifies, rejuvenates, and heals your body. The divine spa sessions, Ayurvedic therapies combined with the goodness of yoga and meditation help you strike that perfect balance between your mind, body, and soul.

Here, the focus is not just laid on the treatments and amenities but in acquiring a unique, wholesome experience for every guest. And this is achieved by incorporating the 5,000-year-old scientific skills and theories in every aspect of your routine - be it Ayurvedic diet, yoga/meditation sessions (along with therapy) or personal consultation by expert Ayurveda professionals.

Our hospitality services are the peak of the entire Naturoville experience. The highly experienced Ayurveda professionals, dietitians and the rest of the staff work hard to make this a perfect vacation for you, with your experience elevated by the surrounding enchanting hills and nature's serenity. Based upon your interests and time at hand, the staff also suggests various activities and local sightseeing that will help you get a taste of Indian traditions and the beauty of Himalayas.

No wonder then, that our retreat attracts a large number of tourists from across the world. 'Amrita', our Ayurveda centre at Naturoville gets its inspiration from ancient wellness wisdom passed on for generations and offers all major forms of authentic Ayurveda treatments for its guests.

Our Philosophy

The Naturoville philosophy dwells on the ancient, traditional wellness theories passed on to generations using oral traditions. It revolves around the concept that the mind and body are one and that physical health can't be achieved without the harmonious well-being of emotional, mental and spiritual aspects.

Based on one's prakruti (psycho-physiological constitution), every body's needs and properties are different. According to Ayurveda, every time there is an event in the mind , there is a corresponding event in the body as well. Prakruti usually is the combination of the state of one's body and mind and comprises different components such as Dhatu, Dosha, Manas, Buddhi, Indriya, and Atma.

This, in turn, is identified on the basis of three predominant doshas (elements) which are Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha. The Tridoshas hold a a very important place in deciding how your body reacts to external as well as internal factors.

The Tridoshas regulate various functions in the mind and body system. However, they are primarily responsible for three main roles. These are:

  • Vata dosha - Controls the movements
  • Pitta dosha - Controls the metabolism
  • Kapha dosha - Controls the structure and fluid balance

It is important to know your correct Dosha and it's crucial that your diet, exercise, and daily routine are governed by your Dosha in order to lead a healthy life.


Meditation, truly described as thoughtlessness awareness, is a proven and widely popular technique for mental and spiritual well-being. Principally, it works along the theory of 'As you think, so shall you be'.

Meditation refers to a train of different brain exercises that helps to self-regulate one's mind. Scientific research reveals that when you meditate, your breathing slows, blood pressure decreases, and stress hormone levels fall. Meditation brings a calming effect on one's mental state of mind and relieves our mind of negative emotions such as anger, hatred, etc.

Meditation is often combined with chanting of Mantras for more impact. Mantras are usually a string of words repeated in succession to achieve a 'mind liberating' state. They help draw our attention inwards, calm our minds, and bring the meaning of the mantra into our lives.

In today's hectic routine and demanding lifestyle, the need to attain peaceful wellbeing that comes with meditation and mantras is becoming all the more important. A large number of people are turning towards meditation and natural sciences as a solution for anxiety, stress, insomnia, and chronic health disorders.

Life At Naturoville

Naturoville Wellness retreat is a dream come true experience for any Ayurveda lover. Combining the beautiful attributes of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Naturopathy, Naturoville strives towards providing the perfect holiday and most authentic treatments to all its guests coming from across the world. Detailed attention is paid to every nuance and the schedule during one's stay. Our team carefully organizes everything after taking into account the guest's needs, time at hand and areas of interest. Right from the location to the activities organized, to the charm of spending stress-free time pampering yourself - you will find it all here!

The activities mostly act as an enriching factor for the treatment and help enhance the overall experience for the guests.

Our team of experts and staff make sure to provide you with the best possible experience during your stay here with our personalised services, hospitable conduct, and a warm ambience.

Here are some of the activities organized at Naturoville on a daily basis -


Every morning, prayer sessions are organized at Dhanvantari Temple to worship God Dhanvantari and start the day on a perfect note. God Dhanvantari is the God of Ayurveda and symbolizes perfect health.

At Naturoville, our philosophy dwells on two important elements- Bhakti (Devotion) and Gnana (Wisdom). While Bhakti talks about God as one with/without a form that incurs divine feelings, Gnana focuses on symbolizing God as a concept without any form/feeling.


Yoga is an art as well as a science that helps you get control over your body and mind using practical methods and postures. It teaches one to love God with heart, mind, soul, and strength.

At the yoga centre in Naturoville, 'Atma', a complete course in yoga, spiritual healing, and meditation is offered for those who want to incorporate the blessing of yoga in their lives. For those who are unfamiliar with the art, beginner level classes are also provided.

Yoga is all about being one with nature. Therefore, the concept of practising yoga in the backdrop of nature only adds to the impact and makes it a very relaxing experience overall. Keeping this in mind, we also arrange outdoor yoga sessions as per the guest's request.

Whether you are a beginner to yoga and self-discovery, or looking to broaden your existing familiarity with the art, our yoga experts offer to teach a wide range of techniques and skills in order to make you adept at it.


The meaning of Ayurveda implies 'The Science of Life' - a natural healing science that teaches us to live life in a naturally balanced fashion. It is a system of medicine from natural ingredients that can treat most of the so-called incurable diseases by removing the toxins and the root cause of the body. Our Ayurveda centre at Naturoville, 'Amrita', has a wide array of authentic, traditional Ayurveda therapies and treatments widely popular for their credibility.

Depending upon the guest's body type and preferences, these therapies are often customized by the experts to bring the desired result. Sometimes, these therapies are also combined with yoga and meditation in order to provide deep healing from within. Here, the guests have not suggested just any popular, in-trend treatment but instead a suitable referred treatment after doing a body consultation with the experts. Specific diet plans are also added to ensure the wholesome impact on the treatment.


Here at Naturoville, nature and natural surroundings are given a great deal of emphasis in most of our treatments and services. We firmly believe that the better we understand our nature, the more we enhance our role in it. Taking this further, Naturoville arranges nature walks for its guests in the lush green surroundings of NaturOville. Guided by three chief concepts- Awareness, Appreciation, and Action, the walks are exploring and educational.

We are aware and sensitive to the need to maintain an ecological balance between human activities and the beauty and proliferation of nature. Our policy too aims at responsible nature protection.


Trees alter the environment and the way we live in a great way by moderating climate, environment and the air we breathe in. By planting trees we return to a more natural, less artificial environment which can lead to natural harmony.

At Naturoville, we conduct a Tree Planting Program on a regular basis for our guests. We also work towards sensitizing our guests about their importance and make them feel like they are part of this nature network program by the time they leave Naturoville.