The Naini Retreat, Nainital

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The Naini Retreat, Nainital Nainital  MG 2447

Excursion to Ramgarh - Apple Orchard


This idyllic retreat, located away from the bustle of Nainital's city-centre, is situated about 7400 feet above the sea level and is one of the top resorts in Nainital. Ramgarh, which has lush fruit orchards and dense forests that is engulfed with a serene environment, gives you an idea of why Rabindranath Tagore selected this spot for his ashram.

Established as an army cantonment by the British, Ramgarh is a quiet little town offering some breathtaking views of the upper Himalayas. Our drive takes us to an old Heritage building located in Ramgarh where you can unwind, go for small treks to nearby hills and apple orchards or just lounge around while our chef prepares a scrumptious snack or meal for you. We also have the option of serving you a picnic inside an Apple orchard offering you some spectacular views of the surrounding jungles as well as the far Himalayas. Our Drive from Nainital to Ramgarh and back would take approximately 4 hours including time spent at Ramgarh.

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Drive to Kilbury/Pangot

The Kilbury ridge is one of Nainital’s well-kept secrets. The ridge extends more than 25 kilometres all the while traversing above a height of 7000 feet and offering some spectacular views of the Nainital Valley as well as the mighty Himalayas.

We take you to a secluded location with pristine views of the lush forests where we will organize a picnic snack or lunch for you. The cool forest breeze and the chirping of the birds will rejuvenate your senses as our experienced Naturalist shows you some rare varieties of birds and plant life native to this thick jungle. During the Winter months, the snow in Kilbury is a major attraction for many tourists visiting Nainital and the lack of sunshine in this dense forest ensures that the snow stays here longer than any other part of Nainital. Our drive to Kilbury and back would take approximately 4 hours.

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The Lake Tour

Come to see the Lake District like never before. Our Lake tour takes you to Nainital, Bhimtal, Saattaal and Naukuchiatal. Each of these lakes has its own character defined by the people who call these places home.

Live and understand the myths and tales which surround the creation of these lakes and experience how these old tales passed on from generation to generation are still defining the way people coexist with these lakes. Our lake tour will take 4 hours for the round trip.

Governor s House  Nainital  Uttarakhand  India the naini retreat nainital

Governor’s House Incl. Golf Basics

The Governor House with 110 rooms, is a formidable example of old English Architecture spanning across a 220-acre landmass on top of the Nainital ridge. The old building is modelled on the Buckingham Palace and the Government offers guided tours which take you inside the Governor's house and the adjoining gardens.

A hidden jewel inside the Governor's house is a Golf Course spread across 44 acres and offering to the avid golfer one of the most spectacular 18 hole courses in the country. The lush Cedar and Oak forests surrounding the golf course and the added danger of spotting a Leopard adds to fun and excitement of playing the game here.

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The Himalayan Drive

We drive through the buffer zone of the Corbett National Park for about 30 km (one way), the place we will be driving to is located at an altitude of roughly 5,000 ft. From the top of the mountain, one can see the mild hills of the Corbett National Park as well as the Kosi and Ramganga river basins. On a clear day, the high hills of the Himalayas including Nanda Devi at over 7000 meters make for a picturesque view.

In the morning and evening, during the drive, there are high chances of spotting animals such as deer, elephants, wild boar and a variety of birds. The monsoon months guarantee a thick white cloud cover which adds to the unique character of this drive. Sit back and enjoy the beauty of this spot as you travel back in time to the days when Jim Corbett himself visited these remote areas in search of the Maneater of Mohan. Experience the best scenic beauty of Nainital that include the heavenly orchards, lakes, Himalayan drives and much more at our resort in Nainital.

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