Wellness Treatments At Naturoville Wellness Retreat

"A complete wellness of body and mind is the ideal state of happiness"

At Naturoville, special wellness programs are developed to offer our guests with a complete package of health and wellness. Some of those treatments are mentioned below:

12. Kizhi

SAMPOORNA - Complete Rejuvenation

The Naturoville Sampoorna-Complete Rejuvenation program is specifically designed to provide overall relaxation of the body and mind. 

14. Ayurvedic Treatment Pizhichil

SHUDHIKARAN - Detoxification Program

The Naturoville Detoxification Program targets toxifying elements present in the body due to an unhealthy and pollution infested lifestyle.

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Weight Management Programs

Maintaining an ideal BMI is important to lead a healthy life. Our Weight Management Program focuses on individual-centric treat remedies. 


'PANCHAKARMA' - Purification Of Body

With the special Naturoville Panchakarma Program, we pay special attention to a holistic approach to overall health and happiness. 

13. Ayurveda Treatments

SHAKTI Ladies Special Treatment

The SHAKTI wellness program focuses on women. This ladies special treatment specialises on health issues specific to women. We provide the best wellness treatments and remedies to treat ailments. 


SATTVA Yoga and Ayurveda Treatment 

A balanced lifestyle prolongs our longevity and happiness. The SATTVA treatments use age-old techniques of Yoga and Ayurveda to provide you mental peace and happiness. 

17. Beauty Therapy

Anti-aging Treatments

Retain your youthful glow and energy with our special anti-aging treatments provided in our wellness programs. The Anti-aging treatments at Naturoville use natural products and age-old secrets to keep you young. 


Arthritis Care 

At Naturoville, relief yourself from the grip of Arthritis with our special wellness program. 

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Diabetes Care

The menace of Diabetes can be limited to a healthy diet and regular physical exercise. At Naturoville we provide you the remedies to contain this life-threatening disease.


Spines and Neck Treatments

The hectic everyday life that we lead every day takes a heavy toll on our body, particularly on the spine and neck. Our holistic program reliefs you from various spine and neck related ailments.